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What is the Classification of Horizontal Metal Detector to Detect the Conveying Method of Articles?

Jan. 09, 2021

The types

It is divided by the transportation method of the detected article. Metal detectors are usually divided into channel type, falling type and pipeline type.


Channel type. At present, the most common metal detection equipment on the market is a channel-type metal detector. The channel of the detector is square. Generally, it is equipped with a conveyor belt mechanism, with an automatic rejection device, or provides an alarm signal. When the items on the conveyor belt pass through the detector, once there is metal, it will be automatically rejected or stopped. Mainly for on-line inspection of finished and semi-finished products, providing final inspection before shipment.

Horizontal Metal Detector

Horizontal Metal Detector 

There are two types of channel metal detectors: split channel metal detectors and integrated channel metal detectors.

① Split type: The advantage of the split type channel metal detector is that the belt is easy to install, especially when the channel metal detector is installed on large equipment, the split type is not limited by whether the belt is installed or the installation method.

② Integrated: The integrated channel gold inspection machine is connected to the article conveyor belt, and it is connected with the automatic rejection device, which can be used in the production line, such as: bagged materials, boxed products, etc.


Free fall pose. Falling type metal detectors generally have automatic rejection devices, so they are used to call them falling type metal detectors. The packaging requirements of the metal detector for the product are not to contain metal, but considering the higher requirements of tightness and light-proofness, it must be packaged with metal composite film. The metal composite film itself is metal, so if you use a channel-type metal detector, the detection sensitivity will have a large deviation, or even be unable to detect. In view of the above reasons, you can choose to test before packaging.

The falling metal detector was developed in response to the above situation, and is mainly used for the detection of flakes, capsules and granules (plastic particles, etc.), and powdered items. When these items fall through the falling metal detector, once metal impurities are detected, the system immediately activates the separation mechanism to eliminate suspicious items. It has the characteristics of simple installation, high sensitivity, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, stability and reliability.


Pipeline. General metal detectors cannot completely monitor the entire production process of fluid products, such as ham meat sauce, chewing gum, oral liquid, sauces, etc. The pipeline type metal detector can remove metal impurities online in real time to ensure the safe delivery of products next process.

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