2005 Kenwei independent R&D a relatively stable leading combination weigher.

2006 Zhongshan Multiweigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.(Kenwei) formally registered.

2007 Kenwei products obtained CE certificate.Kenwei stable multihead weighers obtained awards of "Food Industry Technology Innovation" from Ringier, which is an international packaging industry media giant.

2008 Kenwei developed new generation springless multihead weighers based on CAN technology. Kenwei was granted as "High Quality Supplier" by the China Export Commodities Fair(CECF).

2009 Kenwei obtained Assessed Supplier Certificate from SGS.

2010 Kenwei obtained the Chinese Metrology Accreditation Certificate.

2011 Kenwei was granted as the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Awards, which is a big praise to the enterprises who made great contribution to packaging machinery innovation.

2012 Annual production of Kenwei multihead weighers reaches 1000 sets.

2013 Kenwei owns 7 series products: A Series combination weigher, AX Series linear weigher, C Series check weigher, D Series conveyor, G Series metal detector, CG Series combine metal detector with check weigher, B Series packaging system, which more than 30 machine models apply to different materials.

2014 Kenwei moved to new Hi-Tech Industry Zone. Kenwei passed all strict measurement and testing and obtained the OIML certificate, who is the first Chinese company obtained this certificate.

2015 We successfully developed and manufactured 24 head/32 head high accuracy mixing weigher, which meet the market demand of high accuracy small bag packaging,we stand on the industry-leading position.

2016 Robot project successfully developed,Kenwei's industrial upgrading development  from "made in China" to "intelligent manufacturing in China".

2017 Kenwei successful launched the 4th generation combination weigher including three-layers 16 head weigher, three-layers 6 head weigher (used mainly for mustard, pickles, and small fish, etc.) and loss-in-weight feeder.

2018 KENWEI successfully launched new products such as twin-screw weigher, metal detector for aluminum foil, 8-channel counting machine, parallel manipulator, rear carton packaging line, 8-station automatic filling system, and gradually developed to provide weighing and packaging overall Integrated enterprise of distributed solutions.

2019 In order to meet the changing needs of the intelligent weighing industry market, KENWEI launched the II series of intelligent weighing combination weigher, the product covers 12 types of mini, standard, and large models, suitable for quantitative weighing of multiple materials, very versatile. And become the "China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association" director unit.

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